Industrial Robotics

Industrial robots are addressing today’s manufacturing demand for higher speeds, endurance and precision with applications that include assembly, pick & place, packaging & palletizing, welding, and more. These functions can include:

  • Pick & Place


  • Packaging and Palletizing

  • Arc and Spot Welding

  • Machine Tending / Part Transfer

  • Assembly

  • Paint & Dispensing

  • Material Removal

Most people know that robots are programmed to carry out specific actions repetitively without variation and with a high degree of accuracy. What they don’t often realize is that with innovations in technology, they can also be programmed for more flexible requirements such as object orientation, multi-tasking and complex machine vision applications.

IAS can deliver them all. Our robotics are custom engineered, built and fully integrated to meet your specific needs. From simple SCARA applications to multi-axis robotic arms, IAS has the proven and tested experience to help you succeed. 

We work with a wide range of robots including SCARA, 3-Axis Robots, 6-Axis Robots.  Some of our robot manufactures including: ABB Robotics, Fanuc Robotics, etc.

And because we are skilled in control systems, IAS can deliver a complete turnkey “integrated solution” from the work cell to the facilities conveyor system.

So whether you are looking to improve quality through accuracy or solve production capacity through speed, robotics can be a optimal solution.